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About Slap Run Challenge

Slap And Run is a casual game where your job is to get to the end of the road while slapping the hell out of all the people you come across. If you want to reach the finish line with a good score, you need to intercept as many people as possible so you can fill your energy bar. 

Time to knock out the competition and show them who the true Slap King is!

How to play:

– The player will control his character to move on a fixed running track (running straight ahead) While running, the player needs to control his character to avoid obstacles on the road, or can slap(fig) on ​​the available NPCs on the way and get away while they’re coming for revenge.

– Players can escape the chase by running into item boxes on the road or slap npc to increase the rage bar (when full, it will increase movement speed

– Depending on the player’s kick index, when running to the end of the road, the player will kick a fixed Npc to fly away. The farther he flies, the more rewards the player would get

– Do not get trapped or let the NPC catch the player as it makes you lose the whole game.

Game Features: 

Some additional functions in the game:  All can be purchased in the shop.


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Slap as many as you can without getting caught!

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