Fire Truck Simulator: Rescue

About Fire Truck Simulator: Rescue

Jump into life of a firefighter, dealing with risks in a short period of time!

Welcome to Fire truck simulator : Rescue ( FITS ), where you can enjoy the life of a firefighter, driving around the whole city and responding to all emergency events.

Features :
– Stunning 3D graphic : Experience stunning graphics with realistic city life scenes, a lot of monumental buildings and beautiful sightseeings.

– Lively City : a city full of daily activities, pedestrians, cars, buses, taxis traveling on the street. With the scene that is always renewed, you will constantly be able to change your vision, not get bored for players, you’re not afraid to look over and over again in the game.

– Realistic Driving System : Based on research on fire truck system to create , help players enjoy the feeling of actually driving a fire truck.

– Fun Experience :Gaming is a fun experience for everyone who wants to test themselves, hoping to become the firefighter of their dreams.

– Full tools controller : Similar to the system of a fire truck, the player can easily control the tools of the fire truck. With good control of the tool, players will be able to solve the tasks in the fastest way.

– Many tasks await: Like the name of the game “Fire truck simulator : Rescue” , the game gives the player a lot of tasks that need to be completed. Players need to complete the task as quickly as possible. After completing, the player will receive bonus points.

– Easy to play with easy to use smooth controls truck games : With the smooth handling of the controller, the player can easily use the tools to complete the task quickly and get the bonus points of the game.

– Thrilling truck games rescue missions : The manufacturer constantly offers tasks for players to complete. The rescue missions are extremely thrilling, making players always excited and try hard to complete mission.

– Create your own strategy : In fact, firefighting is an extremely dangerous profession and requires a lot of experience. You have to go through a lot of schools to be able to control the fire truck and become a firefighter. However, in our game, you can completely become a professional firefighter if you have your own strategy and master the rules of the game.

– Many traffics are in circulate : All the traffic you’ve ever seen can be seen in “Fire truck simulator : Rescue” .We try work hard, we hope to bring players the most complete platform, full of scenes like real life.

– Real Emergency Fire truck Simulator : Have you ever driven a fire truck? If not, come and try it with us right now. We will give you a feeling of being a firefighter today.

– Use water to put out the fire :The special task of the game is that the player needs to use the fire hydrant skillfully and choose the direction of the water so that the fire can be extinguished as quickly as possible.Your experience and skills will increase day by day.

– Bigger fire flames efforts challenge to extinguish fire : If you play the same level every day, you will get bored. But no, we always improve the quest for players more and more, so that players always have a feeling of enjoyment and try hard to pass mission one by one !

Show us your best fire fighting skills! Rescue your burning city! Enjoy truck games whenever you want. Have fun with your friends and family! Be the first ones to play the game.

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FITS is one product of Dashbit Interactive LLC since 2021.

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